The Prospect of Immortality

As you may know, some transhumanists (and others) are interested in cryopreservation as part of their goal of achieving immortality, and if not immortality then greatly extended life span. The hope is that at some point in the future, when medical science has greatly improved, their bodies might be able to be resuscitated and/or their brains revived and uploaded into a computer or placed in an artificial or robotic body.

Photographer Murray Ballard has a new exhibit, The Prospect of Immortality, based on six years of work photographing cryopreservation efforts around the world. Wired magazine’s “Raw File” photo blog brings us some of the images.

What do you see in the pictures? Hope or sadness? What should we say to the people in these pictures? How are our own hopes for the here and now (and for the future) shaped (and misshaped) by a reliance on and the prospects of science, technology, and medicine?

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Paper Proposal Submitted

“Thank you for submitting your proposal for the 2012 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture.”

I entitled my paper, “Transhumanism, Technicism, and Christianity.” My abstract concludes:

The paper will examine the cultural situation in which Transhumanism has emerged, Transhumanism itself, and will offer thoughts on responding to the Transhumanist movement. In addition, the paper will trace connections between Christianity, Gnosticism, and Transhumanism; and will conclude with an evaluation of Transhumanism through a Christian theological lens. This will reveal intersections and parallels between Christianity and Transhumanism that present opportunities for dialogue and engagement.

We shall see.

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Huxley in 1958

On the occasion of the 118th anniversary of Aldous Huxley’s birth, The Atlantic links to an interview Mike Wallace conducted with the author in 1958.

I am fascinated by this on so many levels.

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Festival Time

I’ve just received word that my film Anonymous Father’s Day has been accepted into the 2012 Rome International Film Festival. It will be shown Friday, September 7, at 1:00pm in the historic DeSoto Theater in downtown Rome, Georgia.

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Anonymous International

The little documentary I wrote and produced with Jennifer Lahl — Anonymous Father’s Day — has sold in almost a dozen countries in just three months. Here’s a brief piece I wrote on some current international developments in anonymous sperm donation and donor conception.

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Anonymous Father’s Day Premier

Among the many reasons this blog has been silent recently is the fact that I have been writing and producing a documentary film, Anonymous Father’s Day, which explores the stories of women and men who are the children of sperm donors. I was in New York last month for the premier screening, and we’ve posted a few photos from the evening on the film’s facebook page.

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Finally got updated to the latest version of WordPress so I can post on the blog again. Maybe I’ll actually do that some.

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Exposing Euthanasia through the Arts

By Matthew Eppinette, CBC New Media Manager

A terrific piece from the always insightful Barbara Nicolosi, currently executive director of the Galileo Forum at Azusa Pacific University. Money quote:

Our response to the mercy-killing machine must be more than an occasional op-ed piece; we need a shrewd and all-encompassing cultural strategy if we are going to make a good fight in the euthanasia war.

Shrewd means that we fight smart. It means appealing to the emotions of the masses through stories, not non-fiction tomes. Songs, not philosophical tirades. Heroes, not pundits.

Read the whole thing

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Wow . . . just Wow

Two really unbelievable items:

California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Awards Prize to Poem Equating Embryonic Stem Cell Research With Words of Jesus at the Last Supper


[Indian] Govt proposes womb banks to legalize surrogacy
“Infertile couples don’t have to go hunting for surrogate mothers. The bank will help them get one. As a result, the couple will have all information about her background and medical history before hiring her womb,” said Dr R S Sharma, deputy director general of Indian Council of Medical Research ( ICMR…), who has been involved in the process of drafting the Bill.”


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Vanity Cards

I’ve long been a fan of Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards, slides that appear at the end of programs he produces such as Big Bang Theory. I even cited one in a paper I wrote last year (he catalogs them on his website).

Now Slate has written an interview with Lorre and slide show on the cards.

Interesting stuff. Check it out.

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