Windy and Cold

Woke up with quite a headache this morning (it’s Spring!) so I ended up watching more of the morning news than I usually do. One of the things that genuinely amuses me is they way weather people in Southern California try to manufacture weather drama. So today, for example, they announced repeatedly that it is going to be “windy and cold.”

Having lived in Chicago for seven years, windy and cold brings to mind wind chill temperatures from single digits to the 20s.

So just how cold and windy is this SoCal day predicted to be? Sunny, winds 15 to 20 mph, and 64. That’s right, 64 degrees. Six. Four. I know people who keep their A/C at 68, so it’s hard to think of 64 as “cold.”

Cool, maybe. I might even go for crisp, given the wind. But cold? No, California. It is not cold.

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