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Breaking News: “Scientists create a part-human, part-pig embryo”

The Washington Post is reporting that scientists have for the first time created an embryo that is part human and part pig. The long-term goal is to provide organs for transplant, given that the need for organs always runs well … Continue reading

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Frozen Souls

Last week on her personal Facebook account, Jennifer posed the question, “What’s going to be the fall-out from the human social experiment of embryo donation and adoption?” A healthy discussion followed in the comments to her post. People weighed in … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Coverage

I know the decision is a couple of weeks old at this point, but a ton of articles have recently come to my attention. John Kass in the Chicago Tribune, Stem cell policy shift brings a sinking feeling Christianity Today, … Continue reading

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Tough Talk on Frozen Embryos

William Saletan writes at Slate.com about the responsibility that goes along with the use of reproductive technologies that create embryos.  From the conclusion: I’m a pro-choice moralist. I don’t want the government telling people what to do with their pregnancies … Continue reading

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