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New Gig: Matthew Eppinette Named Interim Director of CBHD

from Matthew Eppinette, MBA, PhD, has been appointed interim director of The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity (CBHD). Many from the Trinity community will remember Dr. Eppinette from his previous time at CBHD (2002–2007) when he served in … Continue reading

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Alexa will “See” You Now

Amazon has reportedly filed a patent that will allow its Artificially Intelligent Virtual Assistant, Alexa, “to notice a user’s illness by detecting a change in their voice.” The most obvious use for this is, of course, advertising. The Next Web … Continue reading

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What Do We Owe Children?

In working on a writing project yesterday, I came across an issue of the journal Ethics & Medicine from 2014, which had an editorial piece entitled “Shouldn’t Children Want Parents of Their Own?” The article, which was written by ethicist … Continue reading

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Ethics and Burnout

The New England Journal of Medicine today published a brief piece examining burnout among healthcare providers. Certainly, this is a problem both for patients as well as for healthcare providers who of course require appropriate support in their jobs as … Continue reading

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Consuming Fertility

The Washington Post recently ran an article outlining a whole range of ways in which the business of fertility is reaching new heights of consumerism as consumers go about consuming more and more fertility products and services. Would-be parents seeking … Continue reading

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What is Brave New World Really About?

I’m a huge science fiction fan, and I particularly like works of speculative and dystopian fiction. Some of my favorite, relatively recent books include Oryx and Crake, Snow Crash, and Anathem. Perhaps the most significant dystopian work, however, is Aldous … Continue reading

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Artificial Wombs: What’s Really Needed

A recent article in Nature Communications announces the development of a kind of artificial womb (or extracorporeal gestational system). So far it has been used to further the development of premature lambs. Technology website Gizmodo breaks down the technical journal … Continue reading

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Ethics and Embryo Editing

In a world where it seems the news is endlessly dominated by events in and around the White House, one story this week has clearly broken through: U.S.-based researchers have succeeded in editing the genes in human embryos. This news … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It

Many bioethics stories cross my inboxes and screens each day. Some I write about here and in other venues, and others I simply blurb or write a short comment on via Twitter. Of course, not everyone is on social media … Continue reading

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A Sad Anniversary

Today, sadly, marks one year since physician-assisted suicide became legal in California. Perhaps this weekend you might want to watch (or re-watch) the documentary short film I helped make about the true impact of this law, Compassion and Choice DENIED. … Continue reading

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