Scriptwriter and script consultant Barbara Nicolosi reviews the Oscar-nominated French Film Amour, finding it “a dark, draggy, lie.”

The journey of the movie is to drag us from our first moral impulse that this is a crime scene, to the 21st Century leftist’s sudden new insight, that killing sick people is an act of compassion.

For the record, taking a pillow and smothering your spouse is never ever a loving act. It is the opposite of loving act. But the movie wants us to believe that pushing the last breath out of someone you love is compassion and mercy and heroism. It isn’t. It is a failure in every way in which one person could fail another . . .

. . . [Amour] fails because the lie at its core drains the real emotion out of the audience’s experience. It makes the audience walk away feeling sick instead of motivated.

But Amour is the issue movie of the moment in terms of where the culture is headed, and that is why it got showered with two Best Picture noms and Best Director, as well as Best Actress. They know it won’t get THE Best Picture but it wasn’t enough for them to see it get Best Foreign Picture.

Spoiler alert.


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