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Huxley in 1958

On the occasion of the 118th anniversary of Aldous Huxley’s birth, The Atlantic links to an interview Mike Wallace conducted with the author in 1958. I am fascinated by this on so many levels.

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Vanity Cards

I’ve long been a fan of Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards, slides that appear at the end of programs he produces such as Big Bang Theory. I even cited one in a paper I wrote last year (he catalogs them on … Continue reading

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I’m a big fan of the original Star Trek series, and I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Cribs. So this is fun. HT: Joe Carter who posted 29 additional videos you might enjoy.

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Lost is Almost Over

But there is a ton of stuff you can do in the mean time. Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen has a post highlighting several options.

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I’m Only A Little Surprised

. . . this hasn’t gotten more blowback. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been funding plotline placement in a handful of primetime shows.

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Looking Forward To

Here’s one of the classes listed for this Fall at church: The Office, Lost, The Sopranos and the Old Testament: An ardent introduction to the Old Testament with an exploration of how society’s images and culture shape our understanding of … Continue reading

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