Top Ten Posts (#5) #TBT

We’re using #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) to count down the top ten all time most popular posts here at

This week’s entry, #5, is a warning and plea on egg donation.

From “Thinking About Donating Your Eggs? Think Again”

The egg donation process is inherently risky, from beginning to end. What are those risks? Stroke, organ failure, infection, cancer, loss of future fertility, and in rare instances, even death. Sadly, longer-term risks remain a mystery, let alone properly understood, because of the lack of any long-term medical research or follow-ups on egg donors.

With all of the high pressure and high-dollar marketing, the fact that this is the 5th most popular post on our site is testimony to the fact that people still go in search of the full story when thinking about donating—or selling—their eggs.

And maybe it doesn’t hurt that it has one of our best custom graphics. Click through to read the full article and to see the graphic.


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