The Bible & Bioethics (Full Pre-Conference)

In February of this year, I presented a three-session pre-conference on “The Bible & Bioethics” at the EFCA’s (Evangelical Free Church of America’s) annual Theology Conference.

They recently posted these sessions in a single video, which I’ve embedded below. The sessions are:

With increasing advancements in health and biotechnology, many don’t stop to question the ethics surrounding these new technologies. I unpack the topic of bioethics and how the Bible can guide us when we’re faced with these ethical challenges.

Taking Life & Making Life
In this session, I discuss the ethical challenges regarding “ordinary care” and “extraordinary care” with end-of-life cases. I then transition to issues of reproduction and new advances in technology in this area.

Faking Life or AI and Robots and Cyborgs, Oh My!
In this session, I showcase the challenges involved with robotics and artificial intelligence. As robots, cyborgs, and artificial intelligence become more sophisticated and complex, how should the Church respond? I discuss “transhumanism,” the idea that humans haven’t reached the end of their development and are on the cusp of a radical new transitionary phase into a new species.

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