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The Prospect of Immortality

As you may know, some transhumanists (and others) are interested in cryopreservation as part of their goal of achieving immortality, and if not immortality then greatly extended life span. The hope is that at some point in the future, when … Continue reading

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Paper Proposal Submitted

“Thank you for submitting your proposal for the 2012 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture.” I entitled my paper, “Transhumanism, Technicism, and Christianity.” My abstract concludes: The paper will examine the cultural situation in which Transhumanism has emerged, Transhumanism itself, … Continue reading

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The Use of Science in the Search for Human Perfection

McGill University’s Margaret Somerville has a thought-provoking piece, “The Flawed Quest for Perfection,” in the Ottawa Citizen. Does any given use of this science, in the search for human perfection, damage or destroy the essence of our humanness? That leads … Continue reading

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Something Interesting about Michael Jackson

I know I feel like we’ve been overwhelmed with Michael Jackson news, but here’s an article that looks at his life from a slightly different perspective: “Was Michael Jackson a Transhumanist?” Jackson [defied] his biological limitations in terms of his … Continue reading

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Terminator Salvation?

From MercatorNet: So the question provoked by Terminator Salvation is this: is being plain old Humanity 1.0 worthwhile — in spite of our messy emotions, cloudy intelligence, imperfect bodies and unavoidable death? Or should we aspire to move forward to … Continue reading

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Science Fiction

Another link from Christianity Today: Sci-Fi’s Brave New World: How the genre draws us to its own views of redemption Which stories will guide us as we make our way through the perilous 21st century with its stunning technologies and … Continue reading

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Better than Human?

Some of you may know that I’ve written and spoken on the topic of Transhumanism. Salvo magazine has recently made some of their content available online, including the cover article from their first issue, “Better than Human: The Transhumanist Transition … Continue reading

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