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The Bible & Bioethics (Full Pre-Conference)

In February of this year, I presented a three-session pre-conference on “The Bible & Bioethics” at the EFCA’s (Evangelical Free Church of America’s) annual Theology Conference. They recently posted these sessions in a single video, which I’ve embedded below. The … Continue reading

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Alexa will “See” You Now

Amazon has reportedly filed a patent that will allow its Artificially Intelligent Virtual Assistant, Alexa, “to notice a user’s illness by detecting a change in their voice.” The most obvious use for this is, of course, advertising. The Next Web … Continue reading

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The Use of Science in the Search for Human Perfection

McGill University’s Margaret Somerville has a thought-provoking piece, “The Flawed Quest for Perfection,” in the Ottawa Citizen. Does any given use of this science, in the search for human perfection, damage or destroy the essence of our humanness? That leads … Continue reading

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Terminator Salvation?

From MercatorNet: So the question provoked by Terminator Salvation is this: is being plain old Humanity 1.0 worthwhile — in spite of our messy emotions, cloudy intelligence, imperfect bodies and unavoidable death? Or should we aspire to move forward to … Continue reading

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Will Machines Master Man?

Interesting article on a recent meeting about possible limits on the development of Artificial Intelligence. Where have I heard this before? “Something new has taken place in the past five to eight years,” Horvitz said. “Technologists are replacing religion, and … Continue reading

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Required Reading: Horse then Cart

From Obama’s Bioethics Commission: Providing Practical Policy Options: People largely have defined the first chair of the Bush commission, Leon Kass, and that commission as a whole, by their relative conservatism compared to previous commissions. But what Kass should be … Continue reading

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True Human Being

My friend Jared Bridges recently attended a lecture by Leon Kass entitled “Searching for an Honest Man: Reflections of an Unlicensed Humanist.”  Jared provides an excellent summary at True Pravda, and you can read the entire lecture on the National … Continue reading

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